CPU monitoring from the cloud

Uptrends Infra offers a wide range of possibilities for CPU monitoring and allows you to easily retrieve data from your network devices. Our software supports monitoring the CPU loads of your servers, routers, workstations and other network devices. If the specific device supports it, Uptrends Infra can also monitor CPU temperatures and other advanced metrics. With our customizable dashboards you can analyze the CPU sensor data and the behavior of your devices in one central environment. This makes it very easy to discover unexpected or worrying situations, act to them quickly and prevent failures in your network.

Why you should monitor CPU

High server CPU loads are often an indication of unusual situations and can cause several problems. When a server’s processor or processors are working at a level of 80 to 90% utilization, because of software problems, slow disk access, high network latency or getting access to other resources, the applications or files hosted on the server can become very slow or stop responding completely. This could lead to productivity issues, network failures and overheated CPUs.

Other issues can occur with high CPU utilization in your router during traffic spikes which may indicate infections or intrusions from outside. Uptrends Infra helps you to prevent issues with CPU loads within your network by continuously monitoring your CPU performance data, and makes it very easy to pinpoint the cause in the event problems do occur.

Monitor CPU temperature

Uptrends Infra includes full support for CPU temperature monitoring depending on the specific hardware. For example, if your router provides temperature data through SNMP, it is very easy to set up a CPU temperature sensor and start monitoring it instantly. If your device does not support temperature data through SNMP, you are still able to prevent your processor from overheating. Since CPU loads and temperature are inseparable, setting up an alerting threshold for your CPU load will automatically alert you about possible CPU temperature issues.

CPU Monitoring for Windows and Linux

Uptrends Infra supports CPU monitoring on Windows servers and other Windows machines and uses SNMP and WMI to acquire CPU metrics like CPU load and temperature. Of course you can monitor a broad range of other metrics like ping monitoring, disk space monitoring, network usage monitoring and much more. Besides Windows support, our software also supports CPU monitoring on Linux machines. Simply install our Linux agent and set up the CPU sensor.

Why you should use Uptrends Infra

At Uptrends it’s all about network monitoring, it’s what we do and what we are proud of. Our team consists of highly skilled developers who are dedicated to make your job as easy as possible and provide the best hosted network monitoring software available. Our support team is always available to help you with custom solutions. Our hosted software is optimized for desktop, tablet and smartphone and our dashboards are fully customizable to suit your individual needs. Uptrends Infra offers the all-in 1 monitoring solution: you can monitor your network from the inside, but also externally.