Uptrends Infra pricing. Pay as you go, fits any budget.

Internal Network Monitoring

Sensors Monthly price in US $Monthly price in EUR €Monthly price in GBP £
30 $ 23€ 18£ 15
60 $ 40€ 31£ 26
100 $ 58€ 45£ 39
200 $ 112€ 87£ 74
300 $ 160€ 125£ 106
400 $ 203€ 158£ 134
500 $ 242€ 188£ 160
600 $ 275€ 214£ 182
700 $ 309€ 241£ 204
800 $ 340€ 265£ 224
900 $ 368€ 286£ 243
1000 $ 392€ 305£ 259

External Website and Server Monitoring

Sensors (5 minutes) Monthly price per sensor in US $Monthly price per sensor in EUR €Monthly price per sensor in GBP £
1 - 9 $ 14.68€ 11£ 7,47
10 - 24 $ 13.35€ 10£ 6,79
25 or more $ 12.88€ 9,65£ 6,56
Sensors (10 minutes) Monthly price per sensor in US $Monthly price per sensor in EUR €Monthly price per sensor in GBP £
1 - 9 $ 7.34€ 5,50£ 3,74
10 - 24 $ 6.67€ 5£ 3,40
25 or more $ 6.44€ 4,83£ 3,28

Uptrends provides a comprehensive feature set to monitor and optimize network performance

  • All in 1 network monitoring tool from the cloud
  • Monitor everything of your network in or outside the firewall
  • Monitor server and website externally
  • Global monitoring network consisting of more than 100 checkpoints
  • Customizable dashboards. Create personalized reports and share it
  • Optimized for PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Receive instant alerts by SMS and e-mail
  • Use it at any location. Monitor network from the cloud

Uptrends offers tailor-made pricing that are based on your needs. You can pay annually.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I try Uptrends Infra before I buy it?

    Absolutely! We offer a free 4-week trial of Uptrends Infra so that you can try our monitoring service before you buy it. However, if you do not upgrade to a paid subscription following the completion of the trial period, your account will deactivate.

  • How does the subscription plan work?

    Annual Billing (The best price)—Your credit card will be charged on an annual basis for a committed number of sensors. You may increase the number of sensors at any time. Your account will automatically renew at the end of the year unless you change your subscription.

    Monthly Host Billing (The shortest commitment)—Your credit card will be charged each month for a specified number of sensors. You can change this number at any time and your billing will adjust with your next monthly bill. The monthly billing option is 25% more expensive than the annual billing option. You may cancel the service or downgrade to a lower level of service without a penalty. Your account will automatically renew each month unless you change your subscription.

  • What counts as a sensor?

    The pricing is based on the number of sensors. You can use the sensors on as many servers or devices you would like. Each of the following items counts as one sensor:

    Monitoring CPU usage of a server
    Monitoring memory usage
    Monitoring disk usage
    Ping a server
    Monitoring bandwidth
    External monitoring: standard monitoring 1 URL is 1 sensor

    The number of actual hardware devices or servers is not taken into account at all, only the number of sensors.

  • How do I upgrade?

    You can upgrade anytime by reaching out to our sales team with your Account ID and billing details. They will work with you one-on-one to build a package that is right for you.

  • What is included in the price?

    Automatic updates and free customer support by e-mail are all included in the price of the service. You can define the monitoring frequency per device. For some devices, it might be useful to monitor it every few seconds and for some other devices, every few minutes. You can also define the frequency of data collection. You can choose to view the data collected every minute or every 5 minutes. With the 1 minute data collector the detailed measurements of your devices and sensors are stored for 21 days. With the 5 minute data collector the detailed measurements are stored for 90 days. Data collected beyond 5 minute increments will be reported on an hourly and daily basis for 3 years. We will also provide you with 250 SMS alerts on signup.

  • Payment methods

    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We also accept Paypal payments. If you cannot pay by credit card or Paypal, you can also pay by check or electronic bank transfer.

  • I have a question. Can you help?

    You can post a message on our contact form, call us or start a live chat with us.