Cloud Monitoring Explained

Uptrends Infra is a product that offers monitoring from the cloud: we can monitor all devices and applications running inside your network, and we offer an outside view of your network and websites as well. To monitor inside your network, we perform the checks on one of your servers, and push the results back to our servers. This involves running our Agent software: a small satellite application that is installed locally inside your firewall. The agent contacts our online Collector service, which then makes the data available to you for reporting and alerting.

Agent installation is easy and secure

The agent runs on both Windows and Linux computers. Once installed and configured in our online web application (where all monitoring management happens), the agent will operate autonomously. It fetches new instructions regularly, executes the actual monitoring checks and pushes the measured data out to Uptrends Infra's collector service, which processes the data. The agent communicates with the collector over a secure HTTPS connection, and all HTTPS traffic is initiated by the agent itself. This means that no unusual firewall rules are needed, and that the agent can operate normally as long as it has normal outbound internet access.

Download the installation file and execute it on at least one server to start monitoring. One agent can monitor multiple servers, but one agent on each server is also possible. After installing the agent, provide your Infra credentials so the agent can register itself in your Infra account. Basic monitoring starts immediately.

Combining internal monitoring and external monitoring

Installing an agent on a server inside your network allows internal monitoring. It gives access to hardware monitoring, and it allows internal application checking as well: monitoring business software, web applications and web services that run on local servers which are not visible from outside your network.

Uptrends Infra adds extra value by adding external monitoring: you can leverage our worldwide network of dedicated monitoring locations to monitor your websites, web services and other capabilities of your servers to get an outside view from the perspective of your customers.

Agents, devices and sensors

As explained previously, the agent software performs the actual monitoring work and always runs on a Windows or Linux server. Each agent starts out by monitoring the server it runs on, so each agent gets a corresponding device in your account. You can then start adding more devices to your account, for each device in your network you want to monitor. Obviously we can monitor your physical devices (including servers, PCs, routers, printers and more), but you can also consider the monitoring of virtual servers, as well as services or data from processes inside or outside your network.

Each device is monitored by an agent, and you control which metrics are monitored by defining one or more sensors for each device. Typically, a server device has multiple sensors to collect basic data for CPU load, disk space, memory and network usage, and there are many sensor types available that are specific to the type or role of the device. For each sensor, you can define which values are acceptable, and which values should warn you or alert you about unexpected situations.

Reporting, configuration and alerting

All data is securely collected by the Infra collector service, and is immediately available for reporting and analysis in your account at You can use our default dashboards, or create completely custom dashboards that suit your own needs. Use dashboards to work with your data interactively, or set up a large display dashboard for continuous monitoring.

Within the same online environment, you can seamlessly switch between reporting and controlling your settings: manage devices and sensors, set up access rules, and configure all your monitoring settings. Additionally, you can easily set up alerting via e-mail and SMS/text messages. Use advanced timeline and escalation level options to set up duty schedules for your operations department. No programming is required - all settings and configuration can be done online.


We understand that security has top priority for our customers when it comes to managing and storing their monitoring data and settings. We like to be clear about where your data is stored, and how we make sure that your data stays confidential.

All communication happens over secure connections using HTTPS traffic. To avoid any confusion, we don't allow any traffic to come in through insecure connections. This means that Infra agents can only contact us using HTTPS, and that users can only log onto our online application using HTTPS. Once processed by our collector service, your data is stored in our secure and redundant database environment.

Perhaps the most important aspect of keeping your environment and data safe is that we encrypt your passwords in such a way that they can only be used by you. Using public-key cryptography, we make sure that only your Infra agents are able to use any networking credentials needed for monitoring. Even if we wanted to, we would not be able to read your passwords once they are stored. Alternatively, if you prefer not to store any encrypted networking credentials at all, we also offer the option of storing them on your server where the Infra agent runs. Again, these will be stored using public and private keys in the secure password vault of the underlying operating system. We won't have access to your confidential information at any time.