The all-in-1 solution to monitor everything within your network

Optimize your network performance and get comprehensive insight into uptime, errors and response times of your network devices with our powerful network monitoring tool. Quickly perform deep analysis and address error issues real time. Prevent network downtime with a proactive approach. Thousands of IT professionals around the world trust and depend on Uptrends for their monitoring needs.

Network monitoring from the cloud

Now you can monitor your network from the cloud and access reports and manage settings from any place around the globe. Uptrends Infra network and server monitoring service is offered as software as a service. No software installation is required to monitor your network and server. For internal network monitoring, the installation of a secure agent is all that is needed. For external monitoring, only the URL or IP address is required in order to start monitoring.

Monitor everything of your network and server

Uptrends Infra is an all in 1 network monitoring service. You can monitor everything within your network internally and from the end-user perspective. We can monitor many different devices and elements of your network. With Uptrends, even cloud server monitoring or network monitoring from the end-user perspective is possible. Uptrends has its own fully redundant network with checkpoints in more than 100 different locations around the globe.

Standard and customizable dashboards

You can easily create customized dashboards based on different templates with a specific number of tiles, graphs and data. Each element of the dashboard can be dragged, droppped and resized. Users can easily share their custom-designed dashboards with other users using various sharing settings. Authorize user groups and fully control device authorizations.

Optimized for PC, tablet & smartphone

Uptrends Infra is optimized to be used on a PC, tablet or smartphone. It allows you to view the network status of all of your dashboards and manage settings on every device, wherever you are. From your office or the beach, we give you access and help you to optimize your network’s performance. As part of our network monitoring service, Uptrends Infra can send alerts to your mobile phone, and e-mail. We will notify you as to what issues have been recorded, from which checkpoint it was recorded, and when the issue has been resolved. You can even opt to receive automatic reminders of ongoing issues.